Life Drawing

I went to my first life drawing class! It was really useful being somewhere where the sole purpose was to draw for 2 hours. The difference between the first 10 minute sketch (below) and the last 20 minute one (which I used as the basis for the above) was immense and gratifying.

A sketch from a life drawing class of a woman sitting on a bench

MovieManager App Icon

Icon design for the movie app I just finished. I wanted something that would track all the movies I want to see and, while there are loads of these already on the App Store, I thought it would be a fun weekend project.

It uses the Open Movie Database API to get movie details and has a universal search bar that searches both saved movies and queries the network for additional options.

Three screenshots from a movie list app showing a list of movies with their posters, a search screen, and a close up of one of the posters