Adventure Game Numbers

Steam Spy is a service that reports the number of owners of games on Steam using their API and a little modelling/guesswork.

Entrepreneur Math is when you make up numbers based on unrelated or partial data to prove to yourself how successful you’re going to be. For example: “There are 80,000 searches a month for ‘Cats Wearing Heels’. If my website,, gets 10% of those searches, then that’s 8,000 visitors a month. If 1% of those then go on to buy two pairs of my designer cat heels, then I can easily make $4,000 a month”.

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The State of Adventure Games

When it comes to adventure games, I have been focusing on the past, working my way up to the present day. Up until this point, I have been a player only and therefore haven’t really been paying attention to the current state of things.

As 2018 rolled around and I finally committed to creating my own game, I realised that I had no idea what the current market for adventure games was actually like.

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A Floating Red Being with a Yellow Fez Steals a Coat

Digital, 2018

With this piece, the artist is trying to convey the sometimes overwhelming attraction that all living beings have to material objects.

Although it looks like a random thing that might have come out of, say, experimenting with Procreate’s iOS 11 brushes, it’s actually a profound commentary on the Nature of Desire and Capitalism’s Exploitation of this Desire.

Strange Faceless Men

Had a dream about these faceless men in suits and hats with googly eyes that were out on a beach hunting for me. I had to hide in the ocean, under an upside-down coffin that had floated out from a nearby flooded graveyard.

This is what they looked like.