Developing A Jigsaw Puzzle Game Part 5: ECS

If you thought writing 2,000 words about opening Photoshop or taking four weeks to start coding in Xcode were frustratingly slow, then this week’s post might make you want to set fire to your computer.

As I continue to build a jigsaw puzzle game in ridiculous detail, I want to spend the next 1,500 words getting the game to look and function exactly the same as it does right now.

Before you reach for the matches, let me explain.

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Life Drawing

I went to my first life drawing class! It was really useful being somewhere where the sole purpose was to draw for 2 hours. The difference between the first 10 minute sketch (below) and the last 20 minute one (which I used as the basis for the above) was immense and gratifying.

A sketch from a life drawing class of a woman sitting on a bench