The Native American grandfather telling his grandson about the two wolves is lucky that he only has two—everyone has their own set and I have at least seven. Like the dwarves, each has its own distinct personality. I am yet to decide if they want to devour me or protect me. I think it’s a mix.

Our wolves follow us wherever we go and, right now, mine are lying under the kumquat trees outside enjoying the Hoi An sun. The ones capable of enjoyment, at least.

Like wolves everywhere, their diet consists of human emotions. Their howls do what howls always do, which is bring forth memories, thoughts, failures, dreams, and misdeeds and then they feast on the attendant feelings. Late at night or early in the morning, when it’s quiet, it’s the less friendly wolves that tend to make the most noise.

During the day, however, I have mostly been hearing from a little hyperactive pup called Charlie. Here’s Charlie with her iPhone:

A sketch of Charlie the wolf with her iPhone

Charlie spends most of the day chasing sticks and running after rabbits and bounding through long grass in the confident assumption that one of the other wolves will take care of her. She has boundless energy but no direction. She is sweet and playful and entirely oblivious to the challenges of survival and her joyous yelps and barks have scattered all of my attention.

This is the result:

A sketch of my failure to complete three separate projects

I have spent the last few weeks not finishing things that I had started and was actually really close to finishing in order to make new things that didn’t need to be made and then not finishing those.

(EmptyBucket, by the way, is a BitBucket client with a focus on adding issues because I realised I could save about 20 seconds per issue added by using a dedicated app which then took me 10 hours to build. When I submit my 1,800th issue through the app, it will all have been worth it.)

This kind of distracted carefree rabbit chasing has definitely been fun but after a while responsibilities loom in a way that they just don’t for Charlie and seeing a long line of almost-but-not-quite finished projects starts producing emotions that some of the another wolves find delicious—the ones I would rather not get any stronger.

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