Plans for 2019

I find the New Year to be a very optimistic time. I’m grateful for a lot of what the past year brought, I can take a moment ditch things that aren’t working for me, and I can ask myself what I really want to do with the next 365 days.

The year boundary provides a natural deadline in a life that otherwise wouldn’t have any. I function better with a little bit of pressure and without it I would probably spend all of my time drinking beer and playing video games.

So here are the things that I want to get done in 2019:


Things I would be disappointed not to achieve.

Would Be Nice

Things that I believe I can get done but won’t be disappointed if I don’t.

  • Finish my long list of adventure games (23 remaining, but then more might get released in 2019…)
  • Release version 1 of my Game Asset Management macOS app
  • Write two more short stories

Stretch Goals

Things that I’m not expecting to get done and would be totally stoked if they happened.

The single most important thing out of all these goals is to release the adventure game that I’ve been planning and working on for a year already.

I cleared out a lot of my outstanding non-game work in 2018 so it’s nice to see that most of the other goals on this list are either directly in support of the game or could be adapted to be in support of it (e.g. the 52 illustrations could be made up of game concept art or finished assets, the new posts are likely to be about game development).

Wish me luck, and I hope you have a gerat 2019!

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