Short Story #17: The Decision

Silas Damon was kicked out off the boat last night after E caught him rifling through her stuff. Frankly, he’s lucky that she didn’t shoot him right then and there: she’s killed for a lot less.

Instead, she marched him to his quarters, a tiny windowless cabin on Deck Three, where she had graciously allowed him to collect a few things.

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Short Story #16: Elephant

There’s nothing quite like having an elephant charge at you. Its grey, tree-stump legs slamming against the hot concrete; its lumpy, hairy head bobbing up and down, trunk swaying from side to side as it runs. It seems to move in slow motion—a lumbering charge that feels more like a truck reversing than a speeding freight train—although its size means that it is, in fact, covering a fair distance with each stride.

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