a photo of Simon FairbairnHello friend.

I am trying to make an adventure game all by myself. 

I am pushing brightly coloured pixels into pleasing arrangements and writing in strange languages to make computers do things, all the while basking in the flood of chemicals and the pulses of electricity that this causes within my flesh wagon.

Perhaps you’d like to join me in my journey to make weird and hopeful things?

It might be a spectacular success and you can later congratulate yourself on sniffing out exceptional talent early.

Alternatively, it might be a spectacular failure and you can benefit from the lessons of my folly.

Either way, I hope it will be an interesting journey to the edge of madness, with visits to crippling self-doubt, crushing disappointment, and ecstatic achievement.

Every Monday all of the previous week’s adventures and explorations will be sucked up by a monkey with a mailbag, converted into a useful arrangement of 1s and 0s and, through a strange set of archaic protocols, arrive in an app or website of your choosing designed for the receipt and sending of digital mail.

It really is a marvel. Sign up below and join me in mutual appreciation of the modern world.

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