Erin is Forty!

Illustration of Erin and I that I created as part of her fortieth birthday celebrations!

And Another Abandoned Gas Station

Another abandoned gas station concept.

This one was constructed from a plan and a side elevation using a perspective technique that, through the magic of a bazillion straight lines, projects these 2D renderings into a 3D space and this is now my favourite drawing thing ever.

Another Gas Station Concept

It’s been a long time since I posted any drawings which is weird because of how quiet and uneventful 2020 was. You’d think with basically nothing going on I’d have got more done. 🤔

Life Drawing 28/08 (2)

20 minute pose (with some additional refinement at home).

I wasn’t able to make it to this week’s session as I was nerding out at DevWorld, discussing (among other things) the finer points of adventure game dialogue text parsers.

Life Drawing 28/08

45 minute pose from from last night’s life drawing session. Very much enjoyed it and I’m happy with the solidity of the forms and the proportions but I ended up bearing down too hard on the shading and highlights to the point that she looked like she’s made of plastic!

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Life Drawing 14/08

Getting back in to the Life Drawing here in Melbourne. This is from last week’s session.

The Art and Science of Drawing: Week 8

One of the exercises from the Art and Science of Drawing pcourse on Skillshare was to accurately capture an organic object, like this here pepper.

This was from week 8. Previous post shows my work from week 1. Imma go ahead and say the course helped.

The Art and Science of Drawing: Week 1

Recently completed the Art and Science of Drawing on Skillshare. It’s a good course with an emphasis on precise observation and practice. These are the flowers from week 1.

Sketchy Knight

As in, I used a sketching pencil, not that he himself is sketchy.

Although, he might be. I personally wouldn’t trust that soul patch.