Hobgoblin Movement of Peace

Dave Rapoza had a dream about hobgoblins fixing hatred in Twitter and called it the Hobgoblin Movement of Peace and Twitter responded by drawing a ton of hobgoblins.

Swivel Turret Intro Comic Panel

The test project I created for my SpriteKit components library is getting out of hand. Here is a panel from the introduction comic.

Yep, my example mini-game now has an introduction animated comic (if you were wondering why I haven’t released an actual game yet).

Concept for SwivelTurret

I’m developing a library of reusable components. In order to make sure that they all work, I’m creating a couple of test games.

This is the design for the first: SwivelTurret, a Missile Command style game.

Big Al from the Country Bear Jamboree

Spent a few days at Disney so here’s Big Al from the Country Bear Jamboree. He sings a cover of Blood on the Saddle, which is pretty dark for an animatronic cartoon bear tbh.

Blue Whale

We are heading to Hawaii in January to go and see the whales!

Pretty sure we won’t see any Blue Whales, though.

Gas Station Bathroom Thumbnails

Concept thumbnails of a scene from my adventure game. Going for a beat up old bathroom out the back of a rural gas station. The kind of place where you only pee if you’re really, *really* desperate.

Stylised Pedals

My bandmate Patrick is starting a guitar, pedal, and amp review site called Always More Gear so I did some stylised vector illustrations of some of his recent acquisitions.