The History of Cinema

This project, which I began in January 2022, is a self-guided study of the history of cinema and a way of ensuring I never run out of things to draw. I’m expecting it to take around 20 years to complete.

I have compiled a list of approximately 1600 movies which I intend to watch in chronological order. For each movie, I will write a brief review here and on and draw something from or inspired by the film. Once I’ve completed each of these steps, I’ll add it to the list here.

The Movies


I created my list of movies from three sources on

  1. 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die (based on every published edition of the book with the same name, compiled by Peter Stanley)
  2. The Female Gaze: 100 overlooked films directed by women (compiled by Lost In Film)
  3. Film School (complied by Jacob Mazur)