Rotwang from Metropolis

Rotwang from the 1927 film Metropolis. 

I have tried to capture the standard expression of a human being engaged in the act of Doing Science and, I think you’ll agree, I think I’ve been successful. This is, I think, how most people engaged in the act of Doing Science look. 

Girl from Un Chien Andalou

A digital painting of the girl from Un Chien Andalou, staring intently

Un Chien Andalou is a wonderfully bizarre 1929 surrealist short film with a screenplay by Salvador Dali. If you’re a fan of Night Vale or Twin Peaks, there’s a lot in this film to like.

In this scene she’s staring intently at clothes laid out on a bed, willing a man into existence to fill those clothes with the power of her mind.

This is probably the sanest scene in the film.