June’s Games

Kentucky Route Zero

Screenshot of Kentucky Route Zero

A man is in an unknown part of the world and has to rely on strangers for help. He takes them at face value. He doesn’t have the energy to be suspicious. He wants to deliver his package. They point him towards a world that is like our world but is not our world.

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Rotwang from Metropolis

Rotwang from the 1927 film Metropolis. 

I have tried to capture the standard expression of a human being engaged in the act of Doing Science and, I think you’ll agree, I think I’ve been successful. This is, I think, how most people engaged in the act of Doing Science look. 

Girl from Un Chien Andalou

A digital painting of the girl from Un Chien Andalou, staring intently

Un Chien Andalou is a wonderfully bizarre 1929 surrealist short film with a screenplay by Salvador Dali. If you’re a fan of Night Vale or Twin Peaks, there’s a lot in this film to like.

In this scene she’s staring intently at clothes laid out on a bed, willing a man into existence to fill those clothes with the power of her mind.

This is probably the sanest scene in the film.