100 Hour Game—Day 3

Hours remaining: 79.

The Name

The young boy was walking
When the old man appeared
"Hey, you!" said the man
As he stroked his white beard.

"Now where do you travel?
To where do you head?
To the forest? The desert?
Or home to your bed?"

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A Poem About Blogging

Some context: at the time this was written, there was a lot of arguments in the travel blogging world about whether or not travel blogging had ‘lost it’s soul’ through blogger’s partnerships with sponsors and so on. Some people have very strong views about this.

When I went for a walk
To find blogging’s soul
Where I thought it should be
Was a deep dark hole!

I called out: “Hello!”
The hole was so deep
And I listened intently
But heard not a peep.

“Where is the soul?”
I said to myself.
And looked all around me
For somebody else.

But I was alone,
Alone by the hole.
The hole that once held
Every blog’s soul.

I sucked up my courage;
I tried to be brave.
“I suppose I should enter
That deep, dark cave.”

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