Another Gas Station Concept

It’s been a long time since I posted any drawings which is weird because of how quiet and uneventful 2020 was. You’d think with basically nothing going on I’d have got more done. 🤔

Gas Station Bathroom Thumbnails

Concept thumbnails of a scene from my adventure game. Going for a beat up old bathroom out the back of a rural gas station. The kind of place where you only pee if you’re really, *really* desperate.

Environment Practice: Lecce, Italy

Adventure games have a lot of environments and drawing them is not my strongest area. We’re currently in Italy so for the last few days I’ve been heading out to cafes to sit with a caffĂ© (or a vino bianco) and practice.

This piece started out as a sketch of a possible protagonist and I just shoved a side of Lecce’s centre square underneath him.

More Concept Sketches

This time with some UI elements to make it feel a little more like I’m making progress.