Today’s Coffee: 11th March 2024

Beans: Redemption Rubén Ortega


  • Grind size: 1Zpresso QS @ 57 (42.75mm)
  • Water to bean Ratio: 16.0:1 (272g)
  • Bloom Stage Weighting: 45%
  • Bloom Pours: 3


  • New coffee brewing week oh boy oh boy oh boy
  • Beans are light, but marginally darker than the Campbell & Syme. No trace of any oil.
  • They smell like jelly beans with almost a hint of mint. Something floral and tangy in there for sure.
  • So I’m going for pulsed bloom pours to capture a little of that tang but weighting more towards the sweetness as we progress.
  • The fourth adds the body while hopefully being early enough to still pull out the sweetness and the fifth, much smaller pour, is to add just a hint of the bitterness back in at the end
  • God damn I just read this back I am at the deep end watch as I dive in
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Today’s Coffee: 10th March 2024

Beans: Campbell & Syme Carlos Arcila


  • Water to bean Ratio: 17.0:1 (289g)
  • Bloom Stage Weighting: 48%
  • “Bloom” Pours: 3

Method: Experiment 10-03-24 (Slow Feed)

  • 1st Pour (42.0g in 10s):
  • 1 Light Swirl
  • Wait 20s
  • 2nd Pour (56.0g in 10s):
  • Wait 20s
  • 3rd Pour (42.0g in 10s):
  • Wait 40s
  • 4th Pour (150.0g in 20s):
  • 1 Light Swirl
  • Bed Clear: 3

(Target weight and time in parenthesis)

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Today’s Coffee: 9th March 2024

Beans: Origin Butembo


  • Coffee weight: 17g
  • Grind size: 1Zpresso QS @ 69 (51.75mm)
  • Water to bean Ratio: 17.0:1 (289g)
  • Bloom to strength ratio: 45:55

Method: Experiment 09-03-24 (Slow Feed)

  • 1st Pour 52.0g in 10s
  • 1 Light Swirl
  • Wait 30s
  • 2nd Pour 39.0g in 10s
  • Wait 20s
  • 3rd Pour 39.0g in 10s
  • Wait 20s
  • 4th Pour 159.0g in 10s
  • 1 Light Swirl
  • Bed Clear: 02:15(!!)
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