Life Drawing

Life Drawing 28/08 (2)

20 minute pose (with some additional refinement at home).

I wasn’t able to make it to this week’s session as I was nerding out at DevWorld, discussing (among other things) the finer points of adventure game dialogue text parsers.

Life Drawing 28/08

45 minute pose from from last night’s life drawing session. Very much enjoyed it and I’m happy with the solidity of the forms and the proportions but I ended up bearing down too hard on the shading and highlights to the point that she looked like she’s made of plastic!

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Life Drawing 14/08

Getting back in to the Life Drawing here in Melbourne. This is from last week’s session.

More Life Drawing

Taking advantage of the many classes I have access to at the moment.

Life Drawing

I went to my first life drawing class! It was really useful being somewhere where the sole purpose was to draw for 2 hours. The difference between the first 10 minute sketch (below) and the last 20 minute one (which I used as the basis for the above) was immense and gratifying.

A sketch from a life drawing class of a woman sitting on a bench