Screenshot of the text adventure game bureaucracy

While technically a text adventure rather than a graphic adventure, it was written by Douglas Adams and it is this writing pedigree that got this game on my list

In this department, the game doesn’t disappoint. The humour and characters set the bar high very early on for what adventure games could provide in terms of narrative and experience, foregoing the fantasy and science fiction to present a biting satirical critique on the modern world, one that still feels fresh and relevant today. 

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In Defense of Doing What You Love

There’s a backlash growing against the idea that people should “do what they love” or “follow their passion”. It smells a bit of privilege and hedonism, like your life should just be this beautiful happy carefree journey with no problems and joy all the time.

I think this misses some of the deeper aspects of what happens when you work on the things you love—lessons that lead to a more satisfying existence that can be applied elsewhere even if you don’t get to make a living doing those things.

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