The Ultimate Guide to Animation Tools for the Mac

As my workday leans more towards asset generation rather than straight coding, I’ve started looking at different tools available for creating and animating characters.

The art style I’m aiming for in my games is cartoony but won’t be pixel art so, while there are many great (and often free or low-cost) pixel art animation tools, I won’t be discussing them here.

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Developing a Jigsaw Puzzle Game Part 2: Document Set Up

This is part 2 of my attempt to document the process of creating a simple jigsaw puzzle game in excruciating detail.

To create the puzzle images, I want to be able to take a Photoshop document, slice it up using the selection tools, then export those sliced-up layers. I also want to use a script to automatically generate the final, correct locations for all of the pieces and write them to a JSON file that will work on all devices.

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