Today’s Coffee: 22nd April 2024


  • New week, new beans!
  • The aroma is bursting with fruit so in order to get the most out of them I think we go fast slow fast on the pours
  • And make the second pour be big to get all that juiciness

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Initially some buttered toast but then a lil peek of apple just promising some fruity goodness.

First Taste: OK lot of juice in here. Apples, evolved into a pomegranate finish for that kind of crunchy, meaty fruit.

Second Taste: As it cools, the fruits explode even further. Um Bungo, but with more of an emphasis on the citrus. Finish is smooth and long.

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Today’s Coffee: 17th April 2024


  • Let’s see what else these beans have
  • Heavier acid pour, increased interval so it can drain
  • Going to add a second strength pour too, which I’m hoping will be balanced with the increased acidity and at the same time bring out more of the savoury flavours
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Today’s Coffee: 14th April 2024


  • I haven’t had a lot to say about my coffee recently
  • Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself compressing the intervals between pours, rushing through the process to taste the results of my efforts only to find myself frustrated at the outcome
  • I stopped making tasting notes because I started to believe that all mugs from a given bag were tasting the same
  • My process has become less about the exciting discovery of new flavours, and more about the grind (ho ho) which led to irritation and not feeling like I’m getting better at this
  • So let’s reset, try something new
  • Today, I’m back to the more savoury Scenery Mario Hervas beans
  • Savoury beans, I find, are best balanced by pulling out as much sweetness as possible
  • In my (still somewhat limited) experience, savoury aromas and flavours tend to have a multiplying effect on the undesirable bitter flavours
  • Pulling out the sweetness helps to keep ‘em separated, allowing the savoury flavours to shine while mollifying the Darkness at the end, like the raisins and apples in a Turkish curry
  • In order to maximise this effect, and to shake things up a bit, I’m going to have extended intervals between pours
  • The idea is to let as much of the sweet water drain out as possible, so that I’m not piling water on top of water and keeping the grounds at maximum saturation, strangling the sweetness
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