Today’s Coffee: 22nd April 2024


  • New week, new beans!
  • The aroma is bursting with fruit so in order to get the most out of them I think we go fast slow fast on the pours
  • And make the second pour be big to get all that juiciness

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Initially some buttered toast but then a lil peek of apple just promising some fruity goodness.

First Taste: OK lot of juice in here. Apples, evolved into a pomegranate finish for that kind of crunchy, meaty fruit.

Second Taste: As it cools, the fruits explode even further. Um Bungo, but with more of an emphasis on the citrus. Finish is smooth and long.



A biting citric acid along with a savoury tone that I can’t yet place (more research needed) but which makes the whole thing just sing and dance in the mouth, which is exactly what you want first thing on a Monday morning.

In terms of approach, I think it worked out as planned. I’d be surprised if I could get more fruit out of this but I want to try. At the risk of sacrificing some body, maybe I’ll push it to a 70:30 flavour:body ratio.

Add some sugar.

Put it in a Bluey sippy cup.


  • Roastery: Scenery
  • Beans: Shyira Anoxic Natural
  • Roast: Light (2/7)
  • primary aroma: sweet


  • Grind Type: Slow Feed
  • Water to bean Ratio: 15.5:1 (248g)
  • Sweet to Acidity Ratio: 1:4

Method: Custom

  • 1st Pour: 30.0g in 5s (total: 30.0g)
  • 3 Strong Swirls
  • Wait 20s
  • 2nd Pour: 119.0g in 15s (total: 149.0g)
  • Wait 35s
  • 3rd Pour: 99.0g in 15s (total: 248.0g)
  • Bed Clear: 2m15

Unchanged Settings

  • Coffee weight: 16g
  • Grind size: 1Zpresso QS @ 70 (777.78μm, Burr Distance: 52.5mm)
  • Water temperature: 88°C (190.4°F)
  • Filter paper: Hario V60 01 Brown
  • Funnel warming water: 400mm @ 88°C (190.4°F)

What the heck is this?