Today’s Coffee: 15th March 2024

Beans: Round Hill San Pedro #1


  • Grind size: 1Zpresso QS @ 70 (777.78μm, Burr Distance: 52.5mm)
  • Grind type: Slow Feed
  • Water to bean Ratio: 15.0:1 (240g)
  • Sweet to Acidity Ratio: 1:2


  • No longer worrying about water temperature thanks to this paper in Nature
  • New beans!
  • Darker roast, so lowering water ratio as likely to reach maximum extraction quicker and more water will mean more bitternes
  • Strong boozy smell so doing 1:2 ratio on the bloom pours to bring out the honey sweetness to balance
  • Followed quickly by the a single body pour as dark roast means bitterness likely to enter the picture sooner rather than later

Method: Experiment 15-03-24

  • 1st Pour: 32.0g in 10s (total: 32.0g)
  • 3 Light Swirls
  • Wait 30s
  • 2nd Pour: 64.0g in 10s (total: 96.0g)
  • Wait 30s
  • 3rd Pour: 144.0g in 20s (total: 240.0g)
  • Bed Clear​: 02:30

Tasting Notes:

Nose: M​alts, caramel

First Taste:​ Strong acidic/boozy opening. Dark chocolate and a hint of caramel on the way out. Possibly a little over-extracted.

Second Taste:​ Blueberries appearing along with raisins. Lingering whiskey finish now, very pleasant.



These are the first boozy beans I’ve gotten to try and I am liking them so far, such a different flavour tone.

Darker roast means they are extracting quickly. Next time, I’ll try coarsening my already quite coarse grind size, increase the second pour, and bring the second and third pours forward by 10s each to try to pull out more sweetness.

Unchanged Settings

  • Coffee weight: 16g
  • Water temperature: 88°C (190.4°F)
  • Funnel warming water: 400mm @ 88°C (190.4°F)
  • Filter paper: Hario V60 01 Brown

What the heck is this?