Today’s Coffee: 18th March 2024


  • Roastery​: Round Hill
  • Beans​: San Pedro #1
  • Roast​: Medium Light (3/7)
  • primary aroma​: fermented


  • Grind Type: Slow Feed
  • Water to bean Ratio: 16.0:1 (256g)
  • Sweet to Acidity Ratio: 3:2


  • So after the realisation that putting too much in the first pour is likely to lead to over-extraction, I’ve gone strong in the other direction now leaving everything to the last pour
  • Going to carry on with the excavation after the second pour because I think that helps maintain a Darkness-free body.
  • Going 3:2 on the first two pours to pull out the acid and hopefully get that strong booziness as well as some additional sweetness.

Method: Custom

  • 1st Pour: 54.0g in 10s (total: 54.0g)
  • 1 Light Swirl
  • Wait 25s
  • 2nd Pour: 36.0g in 10s (total: 90.0g)
  • 1 Medium Excavation
  • Wait 20s
  • 3rd Pour: 166.0g in 20s (total: 256.0g)
  • Bed Clear​: 02:30

Tasting Notes:

Nose:​ Boozy nuts.

First Taste: C​hocolate orange with lingering whiskey finish. Nice!

Second Taste: DS​weetness really exploding up front now, pleasing. Finish has a touch of darkness in it that the whiskey is fighting with.


We’re back to a slight lack of body, though, perhaps because I pulled the pours too close together but overall this is an great cup of coffee and these beans continue to deliver.

Unchanged Settings

  • Coffee weight: 16g
  • Grind size: 1Zpresso QS @ 80 (888.89μm, Burr Distance: 52.5mm)
  • Water temperature: 88°C (190.4°F)
  • Filter paper: Hario V60 01 Brown
  • Funnel warming water: 400mm @ 88°C (190.4°F)

What the heck is this?