Experiment D-RO-248-1


Determine preparation and taste tone differentials between fresh ground and pre-ground coffee.


  • Beans: Redemption Rubén Ortega
  • Grind size: 1Zpresso QS @ 60 (45.0mm)
  • Water to bean Ratio: 17.0:1 (255g)
  • Sweet to Acidity Ratio: 62:38
  • Pour 3 water: 76.5g
  • Pour 4 water: 76.5g


Recreation of previous 5.5 moon recipe with pre-ground coffee, grind date: 27/03/24

  • 1st Pour (63.0g in 10s): Precise
  • 3 medium swirls
  • Wait 45s
  • 2nd Pour (39.0g in 10s): Precise
  • Wait 45s
  • 3rd Pour (76.5g in 10s): Precise
  • Wait 45s
  • 4th Pour (76.5g in 10s): 5g over but within acceptable parameters
  • 1 light swirl
  • Bed Clear​: 04:30

(Target weight and time in parenthesis)


Initial observation is that the clear time was a full minute later. Expect this to have an oversized impact on tonal qualities.

Olfactory inhalation: Subject reports, quote: “I love the smell of melted butter in the morning.”

Primary ingestion: Subject reports milder Citrus × aurantium, less pronounced than control. Darker exit.

Secondary ingestion: Subject’s excitement visibly increasing, mentions increased Citrus × aurantium although hard to make out through all the shouting. Subject exhibiting feelings of delight and well being.


Following restraint and sedation, subject provided additional details on tone mapping. Through incoherent mumbling, subject expressed desire for further increase of Citrus × aurantium and decreased savoury notes on exit.

Observation: Pre-ground increased draw time dramatically and as a result balance thrown. As grind size locked in, recommend adjusting other parameters e.g. agitation, water ratio.

Recommendation: Further study required.

Experiment Quality:


Control Parameters

  • Coffee weight: 15g (pre-grind weight)
  • Pre-grind anti-static water: 3 drops in with the beans
  • Water temperature: 88°C (190.4°F)
  • Hario V60 01 Brown
  • Funnel warming water: 400mm @ 88°C (190.4°F)
  • Water hardness: medium (calcium carbonate 100-200ppm)