Today’s Coffee: 1st march 2024

What the heck is this?

  • Coffee Weight: 15g (pre-grind)
  • Grind size: 1Zpresso QS @ 2.0 (4.5mm)
  • Pre-grind anti-static water: 3 drops in with the beans
  • Water temperature: 88°
  • Hario V60 01 brown filter
  • Funnel warming water: 400ml @ 88°
  • Water hardness: medium (calcium carbonate 100–200ppm)
  • Method: Tetsu Acidic and Light (65:25. Ludicrous.)
  • Beans: Redemption Rubén Ortega

Pours (target weight and time in parenthesis)

  • First (65 70g in 10s): OK so 5g over making this more a 70:20. Oops.
  • Second (25 20g in 10s): Spot on. It’s not hard to pour exactly 20g in 10s.
  • Third (135g in 10s): Pouring exactly 135g in 10s, on the other hand, is significantly more challenging. I did it, though. Not the God.


  • This ratio is silly
  • Bed clear in 3:00. Still a little slower than I think these beans need, so might have to adjust the grind going forward.

Tasting Notes

Nose:​ Getting some yeasty vibes from this one. Not entirely sure that’s what you want from a coffee. Let’s find out.

First taste:​ Oh wow I have plunged these innocent lil beans into darkness. I have cut the lights and summoned the void. It is a darkness so absolute it has snuffed out even the memory of light. No fruit can grow here and to the bean without fruit, there is no hope.

Second taste:​ What we’re left with is a mildly sweet chocolate but this is the taste of sadness. There’s surprisingly little bitterness at the end because these poor beans have lost the will to fight for a brighter future.

Out here on the ragged edge, the rewards can be great—nothing beats the taste of that seminal mug, bursting with flavours that hitherto no man hath ever brought forth—but so are the risks. When things go wrong, it is often heartbreakingly catastrophic.

So it goes.