Today’s Coffee: 2nd March 2024

What the heck is this?

Beans: Redemption Rubén Ortega


  • Grind size: 1Zpresso QS @ 2.1 (4.725mm)
  • Ratio: 50:50. A sensible day after yesterday’s shenanigans.
  • Third pour water: 150g. An additional 15g today so that it actually fills the mug.

Method: Tetsu, Neutral and Light

Target weight and time in parenthesis

  • First (50g in 10s): 2s early 2g over. Eager beaver.
  • Wait 35s
  • Second (50g in 10s): Spot on.
  • Wait 35s
  • Third (150g in 20s): Spot on. Gosh this is a much more reasonable pour rate.
  • BedClear:​ 3:00


  • Let’s not have a repeat of yesterday’s disaster shall we
  • But also it’s important for us to step out on our own
  • Testsu walked so that we could swim
  • Slightly coarser grind to either kill off or integrate that remaining bitterness

Tasting Notes

Nose​: Hint of plums but what’s really coming through is melted butter which, as any chef will tell you, just makes everything more delicious.

First taste:​ First hit today was blueberry muffin but then there was an unexpected additional plum burst right at the back of the mouth. Delightful.

This is the first time I’ve tasted fruit on the way out. The result is an aftertaste that is balanced between the bitter and the sweet, maybe like a 50–65% cocoa dark chocolate.

Second taste:​ Lots more juice as it cools, tangerine this time. Not as juicy as a full Acidic but it seems to be spread throughout the mouth giving a balanced flavour overall.

More importantly, it lingers in the aftertaste turning into a bar of Lindt Excellence Orange Intense.



These beans earned their first 5.5 rating off the back of their frankly excessive amounts of juice.

In contrast, this rating reflects their growth into a more mature, balanced mug that properly pays homage to their coffee roots while respecting their youthful desire to become a carton of Um Bungo.

Unchanged Settings

  • Coffee Weight: 15g (pre-grind weight)
  • Pre-grind anti-static water: 3 drops in with the beans
  • Water temperature: 88°
  • Hario V60 01 brown filter
  • Funnel warming water: 400ml @ 88°
  • Water hardness: medium (calcium carbonate 100–200ppm)