Today’s Coffee: 3rd March 2024

Beans: Origin Butembo


  • Grind size: 1Zpresso QS @ 2.2 (4.95mm)
  • Ratio: 35:65.
  • Third pour water: 150g.

Method: Tetsu, Sweet and Light

Target weight and time in parenthesis

  • First (35g in 10s): 3s early 2g over.
  • Wait 35s
  • Second (65g in 10s): Spot on.
  • Wait 35s
  • Third (150g in 20s): Spot on. A master and a commander.
  • BedClear:​ 3:45


  • Struggled with these beans before, so went for a coarser grind.
  • Kept the increased water because when it comes to coffee correlation is causation and yesterday’s mug was super.
  • Almost four minutes to clear. That doesn’t bode well for a Tetsu.

Tasting Notes

Nose​: Cherries and nuts and, uh, roast potatoes. Random, but it is Sunday.

First taste:​ Savoury, not a lot of brightness, but a rich smoky buffalo tofu flavour with minimal bitterness.

Second taste:​ Some brightness coming in as it cools. Apples getting thrown in there and complicating the mix. Apples tend to mix well with savoury foods so this is all working out. I’d be in trouble if it was, like, a strawberry. 



I have not had the best results with these beans thus far but this was an excellent cup of coffee. A different vibe from the Juicy Fruit of an RO but a nice change of pace and I feel like I’m entering a new, savoury coffee space that needs exploring. 

Unchanged Settings

  • Coffee Weight: 15g (pre-grind weight)
  • Pre-grind anti-static water: 3 drops in with the beans
  • Water temperature: 88°
  • Hario V60 01 brown filter
  • Funnel warming water: 400ml @ 88°
  • Water hardness: medium (calcium carbonate 100–200ppm)

What the heck is this?