Today’s (second) coffee: 28th February 2024

What the heck is this?

  • Coffee Weight: 15g (pre-grind)
  • Grind size: 1Zpresso QS @ 2.0 (4.5mm)
  • Pre-grind anti-static water: 3 drops in with the beans
  • Water temperature: 88°
  • Hario V60 01 brown filter
  • Funnel warming water: 400ml @ 88°
  • Water hardness: medium (calcium carbonate 100–200ppm)
  • Method: Tetsu Sweet and Light (38:52)
  • Beans: Redemption Sembradores Decaf

Pours (target weight and time in parenthesis)

  • First (38g in 10s): Spot on. I am a man on a mission.
  • Second (52g in 10s): Spot on. A man of extreme focus.
  • Third (135g in 10s): 7g over. A man who often overreaches.


  • Decaf cause it’s after 3pm innit
  • Oh WOW this is slow holy shit
  • Bed clear in 4:00(!!)

Tasting Notes

Nose:​ Melted chocolate over roasted chestnuts. Wintery.

First taste:​ Initial hit is a pleasant sweet milk chocolate that loses its milk along the way and by the time it goes down it’s at like 75% cocoa content.

Second taste:​ Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking when I said by rights you should be bludgeoned in your bed.