Developing a Jigsaw Puzzle Game Part 2: Document Set Up

This is part 2 of my attempt to document the process of creating a simple jigsaw puzzle game in excruciating detail.

To create the puzzle images, I want to be able to take a Photoshop document, slice it up using the selection tools, then export those sliced-up layers. I also want to use a script to automatically generate the final, correct locations for all of the pieces and write them to a JSON file that will work on all devices.

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Developing a Jigsaw Puzzle Game Part 1: Planning

I was recently playing The Black Mirror and one of the earlier challenges is a jigsaw puzzle where you have to reconstruct a torn up photograph.

The player clicks on a piece to activate it, then they can move it around using the mouse or right-click on it to rotate it to one of four preset rotations. They click again to release it. When a piece has the correct rotation and is near the correct position, it snaps into place, which works as visual feedback that it has been placed correctly.

A screenshot from The Black Mirror. It's a pile a torn up pieces from a black and white photograph

The beginning state of the puzzle from The Black Mirror.

It was an enjoyable break from the exploring and it got me thinking about how I might add it as an optional mini-game type in my adventure game engine.

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Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist

I first played this game when I was a youngling at my Uncle’s house and I remember being so excited when I booted it up and watched the witty Ballad of Freddy Pharkas play out.

The concept was original and captivating—an ex-gunslinger hangs up his sidearms to go out West and become a pharmacist before events draw him back in to his gun-toting ways—all set in a gorgeous cartoon Wild West setting.

I quickly filled the first two prescriptions that acted as the copy protection to the game, then enthusiastically took Freddy outside to explore where I promptly walked into a swamp and died.

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MovieManager App Icon

Icon design for the movie app I just finished. I wanted something that would track all the movies I want to see and, while there are loads of these already on the App Store, I thought it would be a fun weekend project.

It uses the Open Movie Database API to get movie details and has a universal search bar that searches both saved movies and queries the network for additional options.

Three screenshots from a movie list app showing a list of movies with their posters, a search screen, and a close up of one of the posters