Sticking Nodes to Corners

I have a Direction enum that I use to position UI layers in my adventure game. It supports 8 compass directions plus a case for centre:

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AdventureKit Image Naming Conventions

I’m going to be generating a lot of images over the coming months and I’ll be using many different apps to generate them.

So far, for my example adventure game, I’ve used Procreate, Adobe Comp, and Affinity Designer on the iPad and Photoshop on the Mac. I’ve also developed an asset management app on the Mac that I use to create the animation JSON data for my engine and that moves the assets into the asset catalog within the game bundle

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AdventureKit Icons and UI

I’ve been working on my AdventureKit engine and it turns out there are a lot of little drawings like UI buttons and inventory icons that need to be done for an adventure game

In some ways, they’re easier as there’s less pressure to make them stunning.

They’re not as splashy and exciting as rooms and characters but also players won’t be looking at them nearly as much.

They’re good to do when I’m feeling insecure or less inspired about my drawing—stick on some music and just start bashing ‘em out!

Interaction Nodes

The default way of working with SpriteKit is to have the SKScene instance capture all the inputs and then have logic within that scene file to figure out the user’s intention.

In order for this to work, SKNode instances added to this scene have their isUserInteractionEnabled property set to false by default. This property prevents these nodes from capturing input and are effectively invisible to the event chain.

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The Downside of Word Counts

I have been keeping a daily practice of writing at least 200 words a day towards a writing project (blog post, newsletter, speech, game dialogue, etc.) for over 900 days now.

Over that time I have developed a few vague rules—word counts are allowed to roll over but only for a maximum of two days (e.g. if I write 1,000 words, then I can have the next two days off); I can retroactively complete a day but it has to be the day following the one I missed—but the core spirit of it has remained the same and I have maintained it come what may.

Sometimes, of course, those words just won’t come.

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